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Cincinnati Says Move The Game!

Protesters delay Diamondbacks-Reds game, ABC-9, September 16, 2010

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Reds game against Arizona Wednesday was briefly delayed in the top of the third inning when a young man and woman draped a sign over the center field wall protesting Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law.

Sarah Szekeresh and Daniel Moore are facing disorderly conduct charges for displaying the banner.

The white banner, which almost reached all the way down to the warning track, contained in black letters the message “Not in Arizona, Not in Ohio” with the words SB 1070 circled and a diagonal line through them — the international symbol for prohibition.

That is the number for the bill passed by the Arizona legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor Jan Brewer in April.

And a great shot from the Associated Press:

A sign is displayed over the right field wall during a baseball game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Arizona Diamondbacks, Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010, in Cincinnati. The game on Wednesday was briefly delayed in the top of the third inning when a young man and woman draped the sign over the center field fence protesting Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law.

Closing in on Bud Selig

Image by Jonathan Newton (TWP)

If there’s one thing the Commissioner Bud Selig hates, it’s having baseball games interrupted.  Which is why — after repeated attempts to get his attention through traditional channels — MoveTheGame has decided to take our campaign inside the stadiums.

Everywhere the Diamondbacks play, protesters are running on the field and unfurling banners telling Bud Selig to Move the 2011 All-Star Game from Arizona.  Yesterday even saw a coordinated effort that was covered by CNN, AP, Washington Post, and others.  Yet Selig continues to remain silent, and with every passing day of inaction his legacy grows more tainted.  Tell him to join the 26 big leaguers who’ve come out against the law and pledge to move the 2011 All-Star game out of Arizona.

You can call his office here: (414) 225-8900

And in case you missed it, check out this video from last week’s action in Minneapolis:

5 Arrested at MLB Owners Meeting in Minneapolis

For Immediate Release
Contact:  Natali Fani, (202) 787-1813 or
Brandon Hatler, (212) 691-2800 or

Civil Rights Advocates Arrested for Trying to Deliver over 110 Thousand Petitions to MLB Commissioner Selig Asking to Move the Game out of AZ

National, local organizations demand Major League Baseball team owners put people before money

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Today, five civil rights advocates were arrested during their attempt to deliver over 110 thousand petitions to Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Bud Selig, asking him to move the 2011 All-Star Game out of Arizona.  The arrests occurred during this month’s quarterly MLB team owners’ Meeting in Minneapolis as advocates approached the meeting to hand-over the petitions.

“Today, we are at the MLB team owners’ meeting on behalf of more than 110,000 civil rights advocates and baseball fans who are calling on Bud Selig to keep America’s top pastime as a social institution,” stated Carlos Roa from “Instead of acknowledging our massive demand to protect civil rights, Commissioner Selig has refused for the second time to receive our petitions and has allowed civil rights advocates to get arrested during this peaceful action.”


Actions Move Inside the Park

Yesterday was the most recent in a series of actions that have taken our campaign inside the stadium. Representatives from and PUENTE unfurled a banner at last night’s Diamondbacks game in Phoenix that read “Mr. Kendrick…Don’t Fund Hate. No SB1070″. In Seattle and New York, protestors have dropped banners and even run on the field to get Bud Selig’s attention. The Associated Press reported on last night’s story moments after it happened:

Diamondbacks-Nats game delayed after immigration law protest sign draped over wall
Associated Press, August 2, 2010

PHOENIX — The Nationals and Diamondbacks were delayed briefly Monday night when a fan draped a sign over the left-field wall protesting Arizona’s immigration law.

Plate umpire Angel Hernandez halted the game in the first inning when he saw the large sign addressed to Diamondbacks owner Ken Hendrick.

The sign read: “Mr. Kendrick … Don’t feed hate. Say no to SB1070.”

And in case you missed it, here is a photo from last week’s Mariners game:

More Stars Join the Movement

This week has seen a number of new developments. In addition to the partial injunction of SB 1070, Michael Moore came out in support of moving the All-Star Game, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas put out a new video, and a growing list of musicians have signed on to the Sound Strike campaign — including Kanye West, Rage Against the Machine, Juanes, and others.

When asked by Larry King if he thought the All Star Friv Game should be moved, Moore had this to say:

“That’s correct. I think it should not be played there. And I know a number of baseball players are going to boycott it, and I support that boycott.”

Protests (like this one in Seattle) are picking up steam across the country.  So when will MLB Commissioner Bud Selig step up to the plate?  He has a chance to keep baseball on the right side of history.  Call his Milwaukee office and tell him what you think: (414) 225-8900.

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